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Uniting the Sports PR & Marketing industry to help us all climb the career summit together.

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What is Sports PR Summit?

Sports PR Summit is a peer think tank for the Sports PR community, which includes PR and Marketing professionals, media members, and professional athletes.

We unite these stakeholders across the sports world via in-person events, virtual events and an online Collective community. Membership to the Collective unlocks access to Sports PR Summit events, resources and networking opportunities. 

Why a Collective?

For nearly a decade, Sports PR Summit has existed to bring together those who work in Sports Communications, and those who interact with Sports PR professionals on a daily basis. 

We’ve built a community in our industry through in-person events and virtual events, designed to share the secrets and best practices that help professionals understand what it takes to get to the Summit of their careers.  

The key to achieving career success isn’t to take on more responsibility to prove ourselves. Instead, we need to take in more information and insights that allow us to innovate in our professions and our industry. 

Climbing the summit is as much about the journey as the destination. Who goes alongside you on that journey matters. That is why those who want to reach the top invest in a peer community that fosters connection, solutions and growth.

The pandemic only accelerated the need to formalize our loose community into a place where we can champion and support each other, 24/7/365. Where you will always find a colleague to answer a question or share a tip that might change how you approach your next challenge. Become a member of SPRS Collective and start actively making connections and contributing to the discussions. 

The magic happens when you make those connections, you also are contributing to the progression of an industry to collectively change our definition of success and set an even higher summit.  

Going Beyond SPRS Events

Events have always been at the core of how Sports PR Summit connects our industry. The Collective allows us to bring more valuable resources in the future, including:

Job Board 

A members-only job board for sharing hiring announcements, posting resumes and connecting with qualified, diverse candidates across the industry.


We envision a Mentorship program to serve as a means of identifying and developing young, diverse talent seeking a place in Sports PR.

Industry Awards

We believe Sports PR deserves an Awards program to recognize, share and reward exceptional work. PR is inherently a thankless, behind-the-scenes task, but that does not mean excellent work should go unnoticed or not be celebrated.

Courses, Networking & More

The Collective is built on a robust membership platform that will allow us to expand on what the community wants, including dedicated online courses, mastermind groups, and more.

Is the SPRS Collective for you?

Climbing the summit is as much about the journey as the destination

  • You are a Communications or Marketing professional, or work with PR people consistently to help advance your messaging and publicity goals. 
  • You are aspiring to break through into the next level – from getting a foot into the door to busting into the C-suite. 
  • You would rather be collaborating and connecting with peers than going at it alone. 
  • You’re ready to learn and teach, simultaneously, while growing your network across sports and media. 
  • You want to be on the edge of what’s next, rather than what was.

Why do you need a membership in the SPRS Collective? 

  • Get insights from the industry’s top minds

  • Build your media relations and messaging skills

  • Develop new connections with industry peers

  • Increase storytelling opportunities for athletes and teams

  • Participate in Mentorship programs connecting emerging and seasoned professionals

  • Recruit diverse candidates to your organization, or apply for new positions on our job board

  • Submit nominations for Best of Industry awards launching in 2022

  • Maximize the working relationship between PR, media and athletes.

How to Join

Sports PR Summit offers industry professionals and students different options to be part of the Collective and access our events. 

The STRATEGIC MEMBERSHIP is for the leaders across Sports Communications who desire to be present together in New York City. Strategic Memberships are limited due to space constraints at our host venue. SALES HAVE ENDED FOR 2022 EVENT, please choose Professional Membership to access the live stream of Sports PR Summit. 

  • In-person admission to Sports PR Summit East hosted by Canoe Studios in New York City on May 17, 2022.  
  • Access to all SPRS Online Events, live and on-demand replay in the Collective
  • 24/7/365 access to SPRS Collective with industry peers 
  • Access to members-only job board 
  • Eligible to submit nominations for Industry Awards
  • Investment: $499 / year

The PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP is designed for maximum flexibility and accessibility for all Sports PR professionals. 

  • Virtual ticket to 2022 Sports PR Summit East live stream presented by Resi on May 17, 2022
  • Access to all SPRS Online Events, live and on-demand replay
  • 24/7/365 access to SPRS Collective with industry peers 
  • Access to members-only job board 
  • Eligible to submit nominations for Industry Awards
  • Investment: $299 / year or $30 / month

For undergrad and graduate students pursuing a career in Sports, we offer a STUDENT MEMBERSHIP. 

  • Virtual ticket to 2022 Sports PR Summit East 
  • Access to all SPRS Online Events, live and on-demand replay in the SPRS Collective
  • 24/7/365 access to SPRS Collective with industry leaders 
  • Access to members-only job board and future Mentorship program
  • Must have .edu email address to register 
  • Investment: $79 / year

What They Say

“It’s good to have a safe space and an open environment where both sides can learn from each other to figure out ways that they can just further and blossom their relationships. And I think it helps to hear each other’s perspectives, to understand what’s important to them and also what’s important to us and figure out what that common ground is." 

-- Jemele Hill, Contributing Writer for The Atlantic, Host of the "Jemele Hill is Unbothered," podcast

“Here at the Sports PR Summit at the Players’ Tribune the most important thing we can do is learn from all of the professionals that are here. We can never stop learning about all of the things that we don’t know and it helps us make ourselves better both personally and professionally.” 

Joe Favorito, Senior Strategic Communications Consultant

"Sports PR Summit finally gave sports PR the attention it deserves in the scheme of the sports marketing process.”

-- Bill Sanders, SVP Talent & Partnerships, AIB Sportsbrand Studios

Sports PR Summit May 17, 2022 NYC + Virtual

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